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Helping Realtors Serve More Clients

Obtaining a mortgage has become increasingly difficult since the 2008 financial crisis. Data shows that 33% of clients who try to obtain a mortgage get denied due to increased lending regulations. Not only have the recent regulations made it burdensome on the consumer, but it has also made it more difficult for realtors to close deals. Berry-Rock Homes fills the gap for a consumer who wants to be a homeowner but for one reason or another cannot qualify for a mortgage, and allow realtors to keep commission on the purchase. BR Homes is a must have tool for realtors that will help you make more money by opening up the market of clients you can serve.

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Sales Process with Berry-Rock Homes 

Our process is designed to be simple and transparent for both the Realtor and the client. Once you refer a client to Berry-Rock Homes you can be confident in the level of execution from application to close.


Send your clients to to fill out an application and learn more about the program


Once they fill out an application you will receive a pre-approval amount for the client


Use that pre-approval to begin shopping for a home with the client


Once the client picks out a home call us to get info for submitting an offer for Berry-Rock Homes on behalf of the client

Generate leads with Berry-Rock

As a realtor referral partner you have an opportunity to use use our  program to market yourself and generate more leads. We have a list of media resources for you to use in a variety of market tactics and strategies. You can find the marketing strategies we recommend as well as tips for best practices on execution for marketing our program below. This link will include a list of media resources that you can use for your marketing.

We recommend scheduling a 30 minute training session with our sales team to go over the best practices to make the most of your marketing efforts with Berry-Rock Homes. To schedule a call with our sales team please use the link below! 

Closing Process

Once your client has found a home that they would like to make an offer on please reach out to your Berry-Rock contact to get the details for the offer. Keep in mind we will require seller paid closing costs as apart of all of our offers. Please see the link below for a reference on writing offers for Berry-Rock and be sure to download the offer cover letter to include in the offer to the seller.

Offer Guides

Closing Cost Schedule

Offer Cover Letter

Once we have an accepted contract please send the fully executed contract to You will then receive an email with the contact info for the title company and the home inspector for scheduling.

We take care of all paperwork with the client regarding the program and will coordinate closing with the title company.

America's  Homeownership  Opportunity

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