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Apply online or over the phone with one of our representatives. Once the application has been submitted we will send an email to both you and your realtor (if applicable) stating the home price you are approved for.  We only run a "soft" credit check. Soft checks do not affect your credit score.

Find your dream home  with your realtor. We will purchase any home you desire so long as it appraises for the purchase price, it is insurable, and you have at least 7% of the purchase price to provide as option consideration money. 

Pay the 7% Option Consideration for the home you picked out. You can fund this through electronic funds or bringing a check into our office locations. The option consideration is refunded if the offer is not accepted. You have 3 days from the Contract date to fund your Option Consideration.

We submit the offer and get the home under contract to purchase.

Once a contract is in place we get an appraisal and inspection.  It typically takes 30 days to close. You then move into your new home!

America's  Homeownership  Opportunity

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