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Berry-Rock Homes is your gateway into a mortgage. This program allows you to rent the home you want to own while working on becoming mortgage eligible. It is for people that are ready to be a homeowner but due to some issue cannot qualify at the moment. Maybe the issue is credit score, a recent divorce, or income verification. Regardless, we purchase the home that you want to own, then lease it to you until you are ready to purchase the home back from us. You can exercise your right to purchase at any time.

If you have to live somewhere while you become mortgage eligible, it might as well be in the home you want to own


  • Choose any home on the market


  • Can renew the lease for as long as it takes you to become mortgage eligible, meaning no min or max program length


  • Lease rate increases by 3% every 2nd year*


  • Right To Purchase is indefinite and exercisable at any time as long as lease is not in default.

  • Right To Purchase price is original home price plus 2% if purchased within 6 months, 4% if purchased within 1 year, and 6% if purchased anytime after a year


  • 7% of purchase price is required as Option Consideration, which transfers with you when you purchase the property and can be used as the downpayment for your new mortgage

  • .1% of purchase price is credited from your monthly payment, if payment is made on time, to reduce the buy back price

*Lease payments can increase by more than 3% to accommodate for unusually high increases in PropertyTaxes or other underlying hard costs.

America's  Homeownership  Opportunity

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