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Have a Client Who Cannot Qualify For a Mortgage?

Berry-Rock will purchase any house for sale on the market your client picks out and lease the property to your client until they can obtain a mortgage and purchase it from us. You represent us in the purchase and keep the Realtor commission. 


 When a client comes to Realtor and cannot get qualified for a mortgage,

the Realtor sends the Client to Berry-Rock Homes for approval

Once approved Realtor helps Client find the perfect home

Berry-Rock Homes buys the home for Client

Realtor keeps the commission on the sale of the home

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Or Call 

(816) 708-1148

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Close more deals, earn more commission

BR Homes opens up a larger serviceable market​

Once a contract is in place, BR Homes always gets the deal done

Increases client retention and referrals


Your client puts down  7% of the purchase price and leases the property from us.

We report lease payments to all three credit bureaus while your client works to become mortgage eligible

Once mortgage eligible, your client buys the house back from us at a preset price based on on how long they use our program. The markup is a modest 2%, 4%, or 6%. 

America's  Homeownership  Opportunity

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