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America's  Homeownership  Opportunity



Berry-Rock Homes Pathway Program

Berry-Rock Homes is your gateway into a mortgage. Lock in equity today and  pick out your dream with your realtor. Our program allows you to rent the home you want to own while working on becoming mortgage eligible. You have a guaranteed right to purchase the home at anytime. Once you fill out an application below, we will give you an approval amount and you can begin home shopping.


Work with your Realtor to find a home. We purchase the property  and you put down  7% of the purchase price and lease the property from Berry-Rock.

We report lease payments to all three credit bureaus while you work to become mortgage eligible. We also save a portion of your rent for you to use when you buy.

Once mortgage eligible, you buy the house back from BerryRock at a preset price based on on how long you use our program. The markup is a modest 2%, 4%, or 6%. 

Fill out an application to see your home shopping budget 

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America's  Homeownership  Opportunity

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